Lomondside Caravans provided Service for Caravan Disposal* and Caravan.

Touring Caravans Disposal  from caravan parks, and general public, caravan storage premises, Insurance Companies.  collection** or  drop service

Recycling of used parts for Caravans Motorhomes, Van Conversions Etc. throughout the UK. Our business is located in Balloch (Alexandria).Breaking

For enquires please Contact us by

Phone:        07963 179694

Email :        Lomondside Caravan Breakers


Terms and Conditions

  • *  Caravans being disposed off may be charged a minumim of £60.00

  • Depending on Year,And Condition of  Parts within the caravan Excluding the outer shell.


  • Caravans being disposed off which have  been stripped out (Empty Shell)

  • Will be charged minumum £150.00   AND  MUST BE BROUGHT IN TO US

  • **

  • Collection Charges

  • Caravans  requiring to be up lifted  will  have a milelage charge of £1.20 add to the disposal charge

  • All Caravans Requiring uplift must be roadworthy we will inspect the condition  of the said caravan

  • and if found not to be roadworthy  a minimum charge will be implied of £50.00


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